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Affordable Housing

The Ford PC Government is committed to increasing the supply of affordable housing to all Ontarians

When our communities’ most vulnerable have access to housing and a full suite of social services, they have a greater ability to lift themselves out of poverty and eventually find employment.

  • Over a four-phase period, the Ford PC Government has committed up to $9.9 million in operating and capital costs for affordable housing and homeless programs in the Thunder Bay district.
    • Phase 1 – 1.1 million – operating costs
    • Phase 2 – 2. 9 million – capital costs
      • $1.14 million to Matawa Training and Wellness Centre
      • $800,000 to Dilico Anishinabek Family Care
      • $438,300 to Matawa Family Crisis Shelter
      • $231,000 to Grace Place
      • $195,000 to The Urban Abbey
      • $77,000 to Marjorie House
      • $52,000 to the John Howard Society
    • Phase 3 – 3.2 million – operating costs
    • Phase 4 – 2.7 million – capital costs to create 31 new transitional supportive housing units 
  • We have invested over $1 billion in affordable housing and homelessness prevention during Covid19.
  • Implemented new processes at the Landlord and Tenant Board to address delays, including developing an Advance Resolution Request form to help quickly resolve uncomplicated matters that do not require a hearing. 
  • Ontario is reducing the red tape and regulations to speed-up approvals for new housing.
  • Increasing the Non-Resident Speculation Tax rate to 20% ensures that housing remains available and affordable to Ontario residents.
  • Increased tenant compensation for bad faith evictions and increased fines for illegal rent increases.

“As a ten-year board member and current Vice-Chair of the Thunder Bay District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB), I have witnessed the difference these investments make in the lives of people in our region.” – Kevin Holland