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The Ford PC Government is committed to finding innovative solutions to ensure people and businesses have access to high-speed internet and cellular services.

Broadband and cellular networks are the foundations of the digital economy, essential for communication, employment, education, health care, doing business and ensuring critical safety networks are always available. This is a vital priority for the PC government, and they are making investments in the following areas:

  • $150 million over four years to expand broadband and cellular access, including $240,828 to Tbaytel Broadband Rural Thunder Bay Fiber Expansion.
  • Investing $315 million over five years to focus on expanded access for unserved and underserved areas.
  • Identify and remove red tape to encourage private sector and community-led investment, such as reviewing pole attachment rates.
  • Modernize and streamline government programs and initiatives.
  • Investing in next-generation technologies, including 5G.
  • Expanding existing programs and making better use of government assets, including towers, lands, and buildings.

“COVID has illustrated the importance and need to be connected, not only in times of crisis but also as we move into the new digital world. Every home, business and community will need reliable and affordable internet.” – Kevin Holland