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Building Vibrant and Sustainable Communities

“In order to build a vibrant economy, we need healthy communities and to build healthy communities, we need a vibrant economy” – Kevin Holland

Growing Our Economy

Agriculture and Food
The Ford PC Government understands the need for a strong, competitive agri-food sector in Ontario.
The Ford PC Government is committed to finding innovative solutions to ensure people and businesses have access to high-speed internet and cellular services.
The Ford PC Government continues to invest in the economy through support for innovative businesses and manufacturing opportunities.
The Ford PC Government supports clean, renewable and affordable energy for all Ontarians.
Ontario is a leader in clean, green growth in Canada and worldwide.
Natural Resources
Ontario’s natural resources include agricultural lands, forests, lakes, rivers, hydroelectricity, minerals and wind and solar energy.
Skilled Trades and Jobs
The Ford PC Government recognizes that enhancing the skilled trades sector will provide workers for some of the 338,835 vacant jobs across Ontario.
The Ford PC Government recognizes the importance of reliable, accessible transportation for the movement of people, essential goods and services in Ontario.

Building Healthy Communities

Affordable Housing
The Ford PC Government is committed to increasing the supply of affordable housing to all Ontarians
Community Infrastructure
Infrastructure is the backbone of our province. It connects people to jobs, communities and services.
The Ford PC Government recognizes the need to invest in our students and schools through the Learning Recovery Investment Plan.
A healthy, vibrant community is necessary to support a healthy, vibrant economy.
Heritage, Sports, Tourism & Culture
The Ford PC Government understands the importance of heritage, sport, tourism and culture to the financial and social health of the province.
Indigenous Relations
The Ford PC Government recognizes the First Nations as an equal partner in governing in Ontario.
Long-Term Care
The Ford PC Government’s passage of the Providing More Care, Protecting Seniors and Building More Beds Act ensures that all seniors in long-term care can live in dignity with the quality of care they deserve.
Mental Health and Addictions
The Ford PC Government is committed to a province where all Ontarians have access to high-quality, easily accessible mental health and addictions support throughout their lifetime where and when they need it.
Protecting the Environment
The Ford PC Government has introduced the Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan to address climate change and protect our air, land and water.