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Community Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the backbone of our province. It connects people to jobs, communities and services.

Whether you live in a small town, in a rural, northern municipality or in an Indigenous community, safe and efficient infrastructure is fundamental to day-to-day life.

The Ford PC Government’s Rebuilding Ontario – an infrastructure plan for Ontario, rests on four strategic pillars:

Moving People and Goods

  • Accelerate the delivery of transit and transportation projects.
  • Explore the use of new technology to improve the efficiency of movement.
  • Use pre-clearance and pre-screening technologies to allow safe carriers to bypass highway inspection stations to keep goods moving. 

Making the Most of Our Assets

  • Improve the planning, procurement and management of infrastructure to maximize the life, performance, resilience, and value of investments, including the $52 billion in existing infrastructure in the North. Plans for highway infrastructure renewal in 2023-24 show work on almost all major highways in the Thunder Bay-Atikokan riding, including bridges, culverts and surface repair.
  • Prioritize smart, data-driven infrastructure planning to maximize current asset use.
  • Find innovative methods of public-private partnership in asset building and management.
  • Making consistent investments in current infrastructure that delay or remove the need for new assets in the future while ensuring that aging infrastructure is replaced, including delivering a new Thunder Bay Correctional Complex to replace the existing jail and correctional centre. 
  • Integrate land-use planning with infrastructure planning.
  • Modernizing asset management planning and practices.
  • Standardize infrastructure project design criteria and processes. 

Unlocking Our Economic Potential

  • Facilitate private sector participation, foster more significant innovation and help grow our communities.
  • Investing in broadband and cellular services to ensure all Ontarians have the access needed to participate in the growing digital economy and society.
  • Increasing access to affordable natural gas to small, rural, Northern and Indigenous communities makes them more competitive to attract business and people.
  • Reducing red tape in zoning applications to ensure infrastructure projects receive timely approvals.

Open Data And Transparency

  • Improve the collection and analysis of project data to facilitate better decision-making and expand reporting requirements on projects to restore trust and show respect for taxpayer dollars.

“The Ford Government understands that to have vibrant and sustainable communities, and we must invest in infrastructure. These investments also supply jobs for local contractors and material suppliers, which contributes to building healthy local economies.” – Kevin Holland