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The Ford PC Government recognizes the importance of reliable, accessible transportation for the movement of people, essential goods and services in Ontario.

The Ford PC Government understands that Northern Ontario has unique transportation needs that can make travelling between local communities more challenging for people. We continue to take action to alleviate these challenges and make travel safer. Below are the critical transportation investments:

  • $171 million to refurbish 94 Go Transit bi-level coaches at the Thunder Bay Alstom plant, supporting 200 manufacturing jobs in Northwestern Ontario. 
  • Created a locally-based task force in Northern Ontario that will focus on transportation needs and opportunities in the region. The task force members include 3 Mayors from Northwestern Ontario, Indigenous representatives, and business operators.
  • Extending Ontario Northland bus services in Northwestern Ontario
  • $21 billion over 10 years to expand and repair highways and bridges.
  • $2.6 billion in funding for 2021-22 repairs and upgrades, including $641 million in Northern Ontario.
  • The Ontario Highways Program has a website at, which provides information on projects for 2021-22 and proposed projects in the Thunder Bay-Atikokan riding for 2022-23-24
  • $375.6 million to 107 municipalities across Ontario through the Gas Tax Program to operate and improve local transit.
  • Providing a one-time top-up of $120.4 in gas tax funding to ensure municipalities can continue to support their transit systems even with reduced gas sales due to the pandemic. 

“Expanding and improving upon our existing transportation network is a priority. Doing this will increase safety, better connect communities, allow for more efficient movement of goods, improve travel options for people in remote communities and allow for economic growth of our region.” – Kevin Holland